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    Denise's Commissary Kitchen - VERIFIED

    1504 Max Hooks Rd, Ste D, Groveland, FL 34736, USA

    1504 Max Hooks Rd, Ste D, Groveland, FL 34736, USA


    Are you looking for a shared kitchen, where you can have your own space with unlimited access and you can bring your own equipment at a reasonable price? Then our fully licensed kitchen is the ideal one for you!

    Or perhaps you are thinking of using the kitchen only for a few hours a week, where you do not have to schedule so far in advance or compete for the hours of your convenience.

    We want to share our kitchen with few people, so that it is accessible to everyone and in the best conditions for everyone.

    Our offer and guarantee "We are few working in the kitchen"

    We offer you the following services and equipment:

    Amenities and facilities: 24/7 service, 1500 sq ft kitchen and dry storage/shelving, Air conditioning, Wifi, Free parking, Space for your own kitchen equipment (2 and 3 power phases), Truck gate, Dumpster access
    Security System and Keypad Entry.

    ​Equipments: Stainless work tables - Universal Stainless, 16 ”Electric Countertop griddle, Pots, Pans, Cooking Utensils, Sheet Tray Rack, Prep table, Convection oven - Blodgett, Counter bakery case - Refrigerator, Digital scale up to 300Lb

    Tell us what your needs are and we will offer you the best option.

    Contact us if you are interested in scheduling a tour of our kitchen and becoming a member.

    We also speak Spanish.


    Tell us your space needs and what equipment you would need to bring and organize your own space in our kitchen and we will give you the best price and quality option.

    If you prefer to work planning monthly hours, these are the prices and conditions:

    * $250 Annual membership fee.
    * $300 Refundable security deposit.
    * Commercial General Liability Insurance.
    * Basic Monthly Amount: $120
    * Additional Hourly Rate: $15


    1504 Max Hooks Rd, Ste D, Groveland, FL 34736, USA

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    • Teaching Kitchen
    • Retail Outlet
    • Parking
    • 24/7 Access
    • Wifi
    • Temperature Controlled

    Additional Services

    • Dry Storage


    • Convection Oven
    • Rack Oven
    • Griddle
    • Water Chiller
    • Prep Tables

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