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    Herbucha, LLC - VERIFIED

    5329 SE 80th Ave., Portland, OR 97206, USA

    5329 SE 80th Ave., Portland, OR 97206, USA


    This is a DOA approved 1,300 sqft. commercial kitchen space. Assets include: 3 compartment sink, food prep sink, dry storage space, storage space in 10'x10' walk-in cooler, space in chest freezer, 2 stainless work tables, overhead door, electric forklift.

    The kitchen does NOT have a stove, oven, or hood. This kitchen works great for raw food manufacturers, picklers, nut butter makers,.... Bring your machinery and start creating!

    Rent varies somewhat depending on your space and time needs but pricing examples are:

    $550 per month for two days a week
    $900 per month for four days a week


    5329 SE 80th Ave., Portland, OR 97206, USA

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    • Gluten-Free Facility
    • 24/7 Access
    • Parking
    • Allergen-Free Facility

    Additional Services

    • Dry Storage
    • Cold Storage
    • Freezer Storage


    • Packaging Heat Seal
    • Industrial Coffee Maker
    • Prep Tables

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