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    Shared Commercial Kitchen in San Francisco - VERIFIED

    2501 Phelps Street, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA

    2501 Phelps Street, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA


    Kitchen space: Your space includes 4 stainless steel work tables, 2 metro racks; access to dish pit, prep sink and handwashing station as well as cooking line. The kitchen is shared with 2 other companies. 98 health score rating.
    Cooking line (shared): 20’ long, 5 ovens, 16 burners
    Walk-in space: Approximately 6’ x 4’. More space can be negotiated.
    Freezer space: Room available for you to rent or buy up to 4 reach-in freezers
    Employees: Fits 10 comfortably but flexible.
    Outdoor space: There is outdoor space that can be used for additional storage or growing produce in planter boxes. There is also a fig and apple tree.


    Renting on a monthly basis only. Utilities are included but not garbage or recycling.


    2501 Phelps Street, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA

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    • 24/7 Access
    • Wifi
    • Event Space

    Additional Services

    • Dry Storage
    • Cold Storage


    • Range
    • Commercial Oven
    • Convection Oven
    • Prep Tables

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