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    SmartFood Kitchen - VERIFIED

    2002 Southern Oaks Dr, Menchaca, Austin, TX 78745, USA
    Logo SmartFood Kitchen

    SmartFood Kitchen - VERIFIED

    2002 Southern Oaks Dr, Menchaca, Austin, TX 78745, USA


    SmartFood Kitchen is an every (wo)man has their slot so you are guaranteed to have enough prep space and reserved equipment when you need it so you can get all your prep work done in a jiffy. Later you can go to the lake.

    There are two units at SmartFood Kitchen. One unit is gluten-free, and is the only official gluten free kitchen in Austin, Texas. The other unit lets you make anything!

    Both kitchens have a double stack Vulcan or SouthBend oven, and a 6 burner stove. Both kitchens have freezers, reach in fridges, three compartment sink, vegetable prep sink, mop sink, and 7-10 stainless steel tables. There is a 30 quart mixer.

    The facility has two outdoor hoses and a mat washing station. There is a large shed outside for storing pallets of goods. There are two Walkin coolers outdoors as well. One is 80 Sq feet and the other is 60 sq feet. The kitchen has 6-10 available plugs on each wall (minus the fridge wall) to plug any as many counter appliances as you might need.

    There are also plenty of small wares, from knives and cutting boards to sheet pans that are shared use. This cuts down on your overhead so you do not have to purchase all the equipment you need.

    Included in your rental price is dry storage in the kitchen and in the storage shed. Your monthly rate also includes space in the Walkin cooler, the freezers, use of any equipment on site. Cleaning supplies, mops, towels, and dish soap are also included in your rate as is wifi.

    There are no triple nets, overhead fees, or other expenses you will incur running your business. You bring your labor, the food and packaging, and we provide the rest.

    You can use this as a commissary kitchen or ghost/cloud kitchen. SmartFood Kitchen is also a Central Prep Facility which allows permitting of food trailers and dumping of grey water. The price for this is $600 per year ($50/month).

    There is a good setup in this kitchen to give food classes to the public.


    Pricing is on average $13.00-$20.00/hour. If you are using at least ten hours per week, the rate is $15.99 per hour.

    One day only usage is $200.00 for 4 people for 8 hours.
    Currently there is a special for unlimited usage of hours for $2,000 per month for two people.
    60 sq foot Walkin Cooler, sole usage: $1,500 per month, or $1,200 per month if using at least 20 hours per week in the kitchen.
    These great rates necessitate a deposit and a one year lease. Rates are also available on a month to month term depending on demand at the facility, but run around $22/hour.

    Minimum rental starts at $350 per month for weekly access, except for the one day usage in a month which is $200.00 per month.

    Food Trailer Permits: $600 per year ($50/month)


    2002 Southern Oaks Dr, Menchaca, Austin, TX 78745, USA

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    • Teaching Kitchen
    • Wifi
    • Parking
    • Gluten-Free Facility
    • Vegan Friendly
    • 24/7 Access
    • Food Truck Friendly
    • Allergen-Free Facility
    • Temperature Controlled

    Additional Services

    • Cold Storage
    • Freezer Storage
    • Business Consulting
    • Dry Storage


    • Range
    • Induction Cooktop
    • Commercial Oven
    • Convection Oven
    • Rack Oven
    • Mixer
    • Griddle
    • Food Slicer
    • Packaging Heat Seal
    • Food Dehydrator
    • Industrial Coffee Maker
    • Prep Tables

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