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    Venturepark Labs Kitchen verified PREFERRED

    76 Densley Avenue, Toronto, ON M6M 2R3, CANADA
    Logo Venturepark Labs Kitchen

    Venturepark Labs Kitchen verified PREFERRED

    76 Densley Avenue, Toronto, ON M6M 2R3, CANADA


    Venturepark Labs (formally District Ventures Kitchen) is a non-profit organization that helps Canadian entrepreneurs commercialize food innovation at our production facility in Toronto, and through nationwide support and mentorship programs.

    From recipe development to national distribution, from cooking facilities to communications strategies — if you have the vision, Venturepark Labs can help put your food on Canada’s tables.

    Shared kitchens:

    We know you can stand the heat, but do you crave it? Our shared production space offers four specially designed commercial kitchens plus ancillary facilities to meet the needs of any start-up food producer:
    - Commercial bakery
    - Packaging line
    - Wash down room
    - Soups and sauces kitchen
    - Salads and condiments kitchen
    - Ready-prepared meals kitchen
    - Catering and food truck kitchen

    Private production space:

    Ready to launch, but not ready to buy a building? Our private commercial kitchens give you everything you need to grow your business:
    - Eight private commercial kitchens
    - Conference rooms and meeting spaces
    - 24/7 access
    - On-site storage with shipping and receiving

    Kitchen Requirements:
    - Members must be incorporated (federally or provincially)
    - Members must always supply and maintain product liability insurance to the
    value of $2M per occurrence.
    - Members must complete orientation before accessing the kitchen.


    Hourly rentals range from $35/ hr to $50/ hr
    Dedicated accelerator units are available for one-year agreements.


    76 Densley Avenue, Toronto, ON M6M 2R3, CANADA

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    • Food Truck Friendly
    • Parking
    • Wifi

    Additional Services

    • Distribution Support
    • Freezer Storage
    • Warehouse Storage
    • Business Consulting
    • Dry Storage
    • Incubation
    • Cold Storage


    • Mixer
    • Blast Freezer
    • Prep Tables

    Accepted Business Stages

    • Pre-venture (idea phase, limited sales)
    • New (1st year)
    • Existing (3-5 years)
    • Part-time
    • Other

    Accepted Business Types

    • Baker
    • Beverage
    • Caterer
    • Chef
    • Packaged Goods (CPG)
    • Delivery-only
    • Instructor / Educator
    • Meal Prep
    • Restaurateur

    Lease Types Provided

    • Pay As You Go
    • Annual

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