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    Why should you cook out of a shared-use, commercial kitchen?

    Commercial, shared-use kitchens provide a licensed, professional, and affordable place to work so you can focus on growing your business.

    Thinking of getting your own space?

    Renting or setting up your own commercial kitchen is expensive - especially when you’re trying to get your business off the ground. Here’s what you’ll NOT have to worry about when you rent from a shared-use, commissary kitchen:

    Extra Costs

    The kitchen will take care of all the extra bills - electricity, contractors, security, sewage, pest control, meeting building code, and more - so you don’t have to.

    Acquiring and Maintaining Equipment

    Shared-use kitchens have the commercial-grade equipment you need and it is their responsibility to maintain and repair it - one less thing on your plate.

    Underutilized Space

    When you have your own space, a lot of it will sit vacant. You could rent part of it out yourself, but who wants to deal with tenants?


    A community that’s got your back

    With a shared-use kitchen, you aren’t just getting a place to cook, you’re getting a family of like-minded businesses to exchange advice, guide you, and build camaraderie.

    Staying compliant is as easy as pie

    Shared-use kitchens make it easy to stay compliant. Have the peace of mind knowing you won't risk getting shut down by the health inspector.

    Get help growing your business

    It takes a village to grow your business. Commissary kitchens often provide the additional benefits your business needs to bring home the bacon!


    Incubator Programs

    Still getting your business off the ground? Some kitchens have programs that will provide you with the education and guidance you need to get started.

    Demo Space

    Demo Space

    Many kitchens have demo space for you to host a cooking class or shoot your next viral cooking video.


    A Place to Work

    Some shared-use kitchens also have office space and fast wifi - because some of us weren’t made to work from home.

    Let’s find a kitchen near you!

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