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    Kitchen By The Hour - VERIFIED

    2365 Tripaldi Way, Hayward, CA 94545, USA

    2365 Tripaldi Way, Hayward, CA 94545, USA


    Kitchen By The Hour is a 8,800 sq-ft commissary kitchen designed for both share-use commercial kitchen, as well as dedicated kitchen space with suites ranging 1,200 sq-ft to 4,400 sq-ft.

    Dedicated Suites:
    Each dedicated suite has its own production space and rollup door, streamlined for larger scale production. Comes with walk-in and/or reach-in refrigerations, warehouse/storage space and 3-comp sinks.

    Shared-Use Commercial Kitchen:
    Our share-use commissary kitchen provides amenities that include 80-qt Hobart mixer, Rational Combi Ovens, Gas Ranges, Griddle, Stock Pot Range, Ice Maker.

    Food Truck Parking:
    Also available is food trucking parking space. Rent includes electricity, gas, water, sewer, gray water disposal, oil receptacles, grease services, pest control, ice, electrical hookup.

    Ghost/Cloud Kitchen:
    The facility is also equipped for DoorDash and UberEats pickups.


    No membership required. This is a month-to-month rent.

    Tiered Rate starts at:
    $50/hr for 10 hrs a month
    $35/hr for 20 hrs a month
    Food Truck parking $1,100/month
    Greater price saving with more hours purchased.


    2365 Tripaldi Way, Hayward, CA 94545, USA

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    • 24/7 Access
    • Food Truck Friendly
    • Parking
    • Wifi

    Additional Services

    • Distribution Support
    • Freezer Storage
    • Warehouse Storage
    • Dry Storage
    • Incubation
    • Cold Storage


    • Range
    • Induction Cooktop
    • Commercial Oven
    • Convection Oven
    • Mixer
    • Griddle
    • Prep Tables

    Accepted Business Stages

    • Pre-venture (idea phase, limited sales)
    • New (1st year)
    • Existing (3-5 years)
    • Part-time
    • Other

    Accepted Business Types

    • Baker
    • Beverage
    • Caterer
    • Chef
    • Packaged Goods (CPG)
    • Delivery-only
    • Farmer
    • Food Truck / Mobile Vendor
    • Gluten-free
    • Instructor / Educator
    • Meal Prep
    • Pet Food
    • Restaurateur
    • Vegan
    • Wellness
    • Other

    Lease Types Provided

    • One Time Use
    • Pay As You Go
    • Month to Month
    • 6-month
    • Annual
    • 2-year

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