The Food Coridor

    Culinary Studio - VERIFIED

    603 bergen street, Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA

    603 bergen street, Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA


    Our 900 sqaure feet culinary studio was designed for cooking classes for 12 and seated dinners for up to 22. While not a licensed commercial kitchen it is loaded with commercial equipment: convection oven, 2 compartment sink, prep tables, small ware galore as well as a visually stunning dining room.

    Space is perfect for prep work, packaging, styling, private dining, photo shoots, videos


    weekly rates shared up to 4 others 500/week.


    603 bergen street, Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA

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    • Event Space
    • Teaching Kitchen
    • 24/7 Access
    • Parking
    • Demo Kitchen
    • Wifi

    Additional Services

    • Dry Storage
    • Cold Storage


    • Range
    • Induction Cooktop
    • Convection Oven
    • Fryer
    • Mixer
    • Griddle
    • Food Processor
    • Food Mixer
    • Blast Freezer
    • Ice Cream Maker
    • Prep Tables

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